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Customer Service

General conditions
1. Current sales conditions are a fundamental part of the agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer is supposed to take note of these conditions and to accept all parts. These conditions are in force; the special and general conditions of the customer will not be taken into account; the latter will only come into force when explicitly accepted.
2. Proposals and quotations to the customer will only be binding when both parties have a written agreement.
3. The goods have to be checked immediately after delivery. All protestations with regard to delivered goods or services must be made known by registered letter within 8 days from the delivery date.
4. Any claims for flaws or hidden flaws can never exceed the price of the delivered goods. By no means can the seller be held responsible for indirect, derivative, special damage or any other damage that could arise or occur.
5. All invoices are cash payable in Antwerp on the invoice date.
6. In case of non-payment at the due date, an interest on overdue payments of 12% per year, increased by a fixed compensation of 10% with a minimum of 75 EUR will be indebted ipso jure and without any formal notice.
7. Unless otherwise agreed on, our prices can change due to an increase of purchase prices, salaries, social or fiscal taxes and any other objective, measurable circumstance.
8. In case of force majeure the seller will be freed of his duty to deliver.
9. Delivery terms are only informative and as such non-binding. Delays can not be used to claim damage or to annul the agreement.
10. The delivered goods will remain property of the seller until full payment of the main sum, costs and interests. Current sales conditions and especially this property saving clause are supposed to be known and accepted at the latest at the moment of delivery. They are therefore opposable to third parties.
11. Delivery is at risk of the buyer who will insure himself for possible damages.
12. In case of dispute only the courts of Antwerp will be qualified. Belgian legislation will apply.