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“SILKMED” The elegant way of hand hygiene!



How many hands have touched that door handle today?
What else have they picked up beforehand?
In what state will you find the motorway service station washbasin in this time?
What kind of microbes crawl and lurk on a bus handrail?
Flu Viruses? Heliobacteria? Staphylococci?


Silkmed offers you protection and care at the same time.
Unique double action owing to intensive research for the right formulation.
High quality chamomile, hazel flowers and rose essences for nurturing hands.
Silkmed is the only disenfection gel, which is ideal for frequent use without drying out your hands.

Silkmed is a high-quality care disinfection gel ideal for frequent use without drying out your hands, despite the alcohol is a long-term use possible thanks to its moisturizing ingredients, high quality chamomile, hazelnut flowers and rose essences for nurturing and hydrate your hands, unique double action gel that eliminates 99.999% of the bacteria, fungi and other viruses on your hand surfaces, all within seconds owing to intensive research to find the right and perfect formulation. This makes Silkmed unique on the market! Silkmed comes in two handy sizes 15 and 50 ml and in two fragrances «cool» und «floral».

Silkmed is not only a medical product, but a LIFESTYLE-ACCESSOIRE