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Aesthetic innovation

ilift and the cosmetic line laserlift botAction are the result of the highest technology in the world of aesthetics.
Thanks to its four specifics programmes, ilift combines ions, infrared rays and a micro massage with the special formulation of laserlift botAction active principles making your skin brighter, cleaner and more toned.
With ilift, you just need 15 min. a day comfortably at home to reduce or prevent wrinkles, improving your skin elasticity and tone.

ilift’s action

The beneficial energy of the ions attacks the bacteria of the skin and it strengthens the capacity of the cellular resistance;
Infrared rays improve blood vessels circulation and speed up metabolism;
Micro massage strengthens skin elasticity, making your skin more toned and younger.
ilift intelligence makes easier the absorption of the active substances of laserlift botAction line products.

Laserlift botAction Active principles

Laserlift botAction is a new formulation created for anti-aging treatment, mixing innovative principles joined together for the first time ever, able to give a synergic action on factors causing wrinkles.
The new Acetyl Hex Peptide is the active principle, which determines a direct action on face mimic muscles, decreasing muscles tension as the Botulinic Toxin does.
Equisetum Glycolic Extract contrasts the aggression of the free radicals, which are considered one of the main causes of skin aging.
Hyaluronic Acid and the Soyabean Proteins firm skin structure, increasing elasticity and one.
“In vitro” and “in vivo” tests confirmed the effectiveness of the laserlift botAction products in reducing and preventing expression wrinkles and restoring day after day the health, youth and beauty of your skin.

ilift - Aesthetic innovation